Sexual K-Pop Questions
So I think I found a replacement admin!!

They’ll be taking over as soon as everything is sorted out!!


Hi. It's kinda sad that you lost your inspiration and left this blog to waste... Maybe you could just let someone else co-manage it and help you if you've really lost your inspiration?

I had no idea that people still looked at this blog, in a way, it means a lot.

And if someone would like to actually take it over, then I would be completely willing to do so.

Because of my health circumstances, I can only blog K-Pop on the weekends, so even if I were to co-manage this blog, the other person would be doing all the work.

So if one, or multiple people would like to take over, then please, please contact me!! I had no idea people came here still, so if you do and would like to see this blog continue on, then message me!!! On weekdays I can be found here, so just message me wherever!!

I thought the raging boners your Tumblr gives me had settled down a fair bit recently ;A; Well, I wish you all the best and thank you for getting me through rough school days with all these sexual K-Pop questions! Nonetheless, I look forward to your 'dropping in's' <3

I’m glad I could help you through rough days!! It means a lot, and thank you!! I look forward to them too <3

Hey guys, it’s Sara dropping by to say,

You may have noticed I’ve all but stopped spams. That’s because I honestly have no inspiration for this anymore.

I’m thinking about dropping by every now and then when the ideas hit me, but for the most part, I won’t be posting. If you have ideas, feel free to submit them, and I will post them.

But yeah. I’m sorry if I let you down.

The sex he exudes is not fair to us mere fangirls. If you had one night with him, what would you do?

Where do you prefer fucking him?

In the bed?


On a couch?

Does Eunhae…

Fuck backstage?


Do they wait until they get to the hotel?

Do they film themselves fucking?

Do they…

Fuck in the car?


Blow each other until they get home for the real fucking?

Gonna spend my whole weekend lurking through this blog. (I REGRET NOTHING!!!) I know it's awhile away but can I request you surprise me for my birthday (11/11) with either a Jonghyun, Seungri or Hanbyul (if you can get sexual pictures of this bby I will love you FOREVER ಥ◡ಥ)

I have an entire list of requests for after August, so good thing you did request it!! And I will certainly surprise you <3

Have fun lurking!!!